Internet Connection Woes & Homework Issues

I've been having internet connection issues for the last few days.  Seems it just wants to connect and disconnect every few minutes or so, which is very frustrating. Everything I want to do online is taking me forever... (Reminds me of my dial up days)

Anyway, I'll try to get this post up quick before I lose it again!

My 8 year old is having issues this year at school.  He doesn't like to do his homework and will tell us he doesn't have any, leave it at school or hide it before I get home from work. His teacher is having fits and is not the easiest person to get along with either. I have learned from some of his friends that every day Chad is at the 'silent table' for lunch and can also be found sitting alone in the hallway doing his school-work. He has come home from school telling me that they are going to put him back in 2nd grade and that his teacher is mean, etc. 

Now, I work all week.  I do not get home until 6:30 at night and his school is like 40 miles away, so a face to face parent teacher conference is out of the question. So, I asked her to please email me his homework every day and to contact me if there are problems. I recieved one email saying he writes his homework down and that is good enough. And Chad came home saying his teacher was complaining, saying "Why should I have to email your MOTHER every day?".  Well...... isn't that her JOB?  I tried to explain to her that I cannot understand what he is supposed to be doing for homework from instructions like "definintions" or "writing".  Do what with the definitions?  What is he supposed to write about? "Math" .... uh... which math problems?   But, she doesnt want to be bothered.

Secondly... Chad doesn't respond well to NEGATIVE beavior or verbal abuse.  He gives up and figures there is no way to please that person so he just doesn't try.  If you don't lose your temper, reward him, tell him how great he is doing, THEN he excells.  He is very smart.  But if you sit and badger him and tell him he will never do it and how he is a failure, he will not do a thing.  Can you blame him?  If he doesn't understand something, and you are telling him what an idiot he is, he won't try. But, if you explain it to him (The way teachers are supposed to do) and sit with him a second to make sure he understands, THEN he will get it all right. 

For example.  He had a math worksheet.  He got frustrated because he had to keep putting his pencil down to count on his fingers.  So, he didn't want to do it.  I taught him how to use touch points (with the dots, like on dice?) to count so he didnt have to put his pencil down anymore.  Once he mastered that, it was easy-peasy.

So, I am not sure what to do here.  If I know what his homework is, he and I can whip it out in just a little while. When he brings home directions that just say 'writing' and 'math' and 'words', that tells me nothing.  With just a little communication from his teacher the homework would be fine. As for his schoolwork, well, if she is going to treat him in a negative way, there is no way he is going to work for her.

Don't they teach teachers to deal with children with all types of personality types?  Don't they teach them that children are people too, who should be treated with respect instead of hounded and segregated? Don't they teach them to look for the reason behind the behaviour instead of just punishing and putting down the child?

If anyone has any suggestions... I'm open to them all!




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