How To Get A Man To Get A Job Part 1

So, J.T. and I have been together for almost 2 years. In all that time, I have worked consistently while he had a job for approximately one week.  He quit that job when he 'sprained his ankle' and has not had one since. That was way back in the beginning, like within the first few months of our relationship. 

So, now I am at my limit. I work, my daughter works, (notice it's the women) and he doesn't.  I'm frustrated, angry and resentful. It is time for action!

My first step in getting J.T. to work was setting him up with my step-dad in his landscaping business.  That was maybe 2 months into the relationship, possibly even earlier.  Now, my dad is not the easiest person to work for, but how many people who work really LOVE their bosses and like working?  Not many. You just do what you have to do in order to pay the bills, right?  At this job, he had rides to and from work, got taken out to lunch, etc. He had some down time on the job, but hey, who cares when you actually have one.

Needless to say, it didn't work out for a couple reasons.  He didn't go to work a few times, he got paid but never helped with OUR house... he spent it or 'lent' it to members of his family. He'd take the money, go get wasted and we would fight, then he would be too embarrassed and uncomfortable to go work with my dad.  So, that was the end of that.  I mean, really ... the end.. He hasn't done any type of work since.

In May, we moved to Georgia.  JT claimed that he would find a job right away and that he would take over the bills, etc.  So, we set out to find him a job.  I took him to the temp agencies, to maybe two interviews, but he didn't get a job.  See, he only filled out applications for carpet factories and construction, which are highly competitive and need a strong work history.  He doesn't have that. For some reason, he believes he should make much more than minimum wage, that he is WORTH much more than minimum wage... But, if you look at his half-blank application, no boss will ever think that. If you have no work history by the time you are 31 years old, you don't look all that good on paper, that's for sure.

Maybe he should have aimed a little lower, for like a dish-washing job?  I mean, hey... I would take it. If I had bills to pay and that was the only job I could get, I would take it in a heart-beat. Some money is better than NO money, right?

Not to JT.  So, by the end of June, we were really in bad shape.  No money coming in at all, barely making it, almost ready to be thrown out and live in the van.  I gave up and went out and put my own applications in. And within a couple weeks, I had a job. (Imagine that)

Originally, it was only for two days a week.  I didn't care!  It was $50 more per week in our pocket than we had at the moment!  And due to a chance turn of events, within a month, it was full time. Whoohoo!  Making minimum wage - GREAT!

Did I get the first job I applied for? Nope. I had quite a few apps out there, had one horrible interview but didn't give up. I just did what I had to do. 

I'm not bragging about anything, I'm just making a point.  What is it with these guys who just absolutely refuse to work?? If they spent as much time pursuing a job as they do concocting excuses, they would all be millionaires!

So, my first attempts at getting JT to work were failures. Now I have to come up with some more ideas. Since I have the only vehicle and he doesn't have a drivers license, I would have to be able to transport him. That means it would have to be a night job. (His argument for this will be that he takes care of Wyatt during the day) BUT, I worked night shift for years and was a single mom to four kids at the time, with a baby at home. And I did it!

I will breech this subject carefully today and see how it goes.  (I almost cringe at the thought)

Any ideas on how to get this man to WORK?? All would be appreciated!




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